April 22, 2014

Aprilicious 2014

Assalamualaikum people.
It has been almost four months since the last post.
Life has been easier, and of course tougher due to stuff at work.
Being me, it took me quite some time to blend in a new place.
May Allah eases everything and I take it as a challenge to myself.
I have been too pampered in my comfort zone so yeah.
Before I forgot, I would love to jot down few things that happened within this four months of my new adventure of life - as a wife, as a daughter, as a new teacher and as a normal human being.


1. On the very first day of the year, we had challenged ourselves to go on hiking up to Bukit Tabur. Well, we did not plan that. We just wanted to joinour photographer friend, Syib to take pictures of the new year. He did not tell us the height and the condition of the peak though. Put the blame on us, who were too lazy to google up and read something about it. We were like, emm sounds as easy as Broga Hill, so why not? So yeah, we woke up at 2.30 a.m and met Syib and another 2 friends of his at 3pm and started the horrendous hiking. Hahaha. Without any physical and mental preparation, we managed  to reach the peak, to watch the majestic sunrise on the first day of 2014. The feeling was undescribeable as the we watched the golden sun went out from the middle of spread of peaks and hills. The magnificent view worth all the scratches all over my body. Haha. I wont forget this hiking for the rest of my life as I had to climb almost 90 degree stones, with nothing to hold on, other than my man's hand. He even lifted me, up to some point, due to my shortness and my hands and legs could not reach anything. So I would say, this would be our first and last trip to Bukit Tabur. Period.

2. My baby sister, Ica is married on the 11th of January to her man of her life or we call him Din. It was an emotional weekend for me, as it was not easy for me to take the day off. As a new teacher, plus the rules, and plus the strict principal, those really did not help at that point of time. I cried few times, as I could not be there at home, as long as I want, due to school day. So, Ica, I am truly sorry for not being there, as much as you did when I was getting married. In return, I pray all the happiness in the world will be yours and may you live happily ever after with your husband.


1. I cant really figure out what happened in February. All I remember was Ain is hitched to her husband.

2. Owh yeah, I was almost diagnosed dengue! It was among the scarriest part of my life, as I could not do anything, apart from lying down and sleeping for 5 consecutive days, due to the extremely high temperature of my body. My man had been so sweet to take a day off, and brought me to a movie date on my 4th day of sickness, as I could not take it to stay in the house all day. Since it was weekday, there were only us in the theatre and I felt like my man had booked the whole cinema just for the two of us. Lol. Well, it worked as I felt better and had my 5th day rest before I started working on the next day. Let us be careful about this dengue and aedes thing as I did not want to go through the same situation again. It hurts a lot as your temperature keeps going up, and you are not sweating at all. So the heat stuck up in your head and you will feel like your head is exploding due to extreme heat. 

3. Right after I was kind of okay from the scarry fever, Hani, our first guest, came all the way from Kedah, slept in our small apartment. We spent the whole weekend with the laughing theraphy. We also 'accidently' bought the same tickets to the same destination later in September. Aahhh I can't wait for September to come fast!


1. There are too many activities going on in the school. However, I could not be bothered to write about my work stuff. I just want to write about positive things and stuff that makes me happy. Hahahah. I am in denial, I know.

2. Anyway, I had the best birthday celebration so far. For the first time in my life, someone sent a bouquet of flowers to my workplace. Well, it felt nice when the colleagues and the students saw the bouquet and wished me. Not just that, my man planned to spend the weekend in Cherating, a holiday we longed since forever. We never been out to anywhere since earlier this year, other than balik kampung and stay at home routines. So yeah, this sweet and short escape really meant a lot to us. Thank god for an event held in my school on Saturday, I got a day off on Monday. So my man took a day off and off we rushed to Cherating. We met our SEMSAS clans, his Cryovac friends, my Palmerston North family and had a really great laughing theraphy with all of them. Thank you for having us, and we will definitely come back to Kuantan, our historical place. The place we met. Konon2 lah. Hahaha. So thank you to you too my man. I love you more. Eheh

So alhamdulillah for every single thing in my life and I could not ask for more.
May all of us, our parents and family, are blessed with health, wealth and happiness here and Hereafter, insyaAllah. 

December 31, 2013

2013 in a wrap!

Assalamualaikum people
Life has been busy, life has been great
All praises to Him for every second blessed with rahmah
So its 2014 tomorrow.
Lets recap what had happened along these amazing months in 2013.

1. Celebrated my man's birthday for the first time, hundreds kilometers away of course. He was in Kuantan and I was in Johor.

2. Both of us were excited as he got an offer letter to a new workplace in KL, which means, we were getting closer in distance.

1. During the Chinese New Year Break, we went to Tekam Plantation Resort together with his family. It is a great place for a short getaway from city. It is really cold early in the morning as the place is surrounded by hundreds trees and somehow I felt like I was not in Malaysia.

2. On the 4th February ( SEMSAS 9802), my man is officially working in an oil and gas company in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city. So, good bye to the idea of settling down in Kuantan. Hellooooo KL! In the meantime, we alternately took 5 hours bus ride each weekend so that we could meet each other. Hehe

3. Its Umi's 57th birthday yayy!

4. My primary schoolmates had organized a small gathering in Ledang of Nusajaya. I was supposed to come with my man, but he had orientation so I had to come alone. It was a pleasant meeting, despite the small number of people who came. Thanks Odah and the gang for the effort.

1. It was school holidays, and we bought a ticket to Europe during the Matta Fair in PWTC. It was a hectic holidays as we had to rush back and forth to JB and KL since my cousin and his best friend got married on the same weekend.

1. My birthday month, and my man decided to kind of celebrate it in Penang. It was our first flight together, and the first trip too. It was too short, and we were hoping for a second round. Hehe. For the first time, I took the Monday morning flight and since then, it became a routine as it was doable and I could reach my workplace right on time.

2. My class 2 Anggerik was so sweet as they planned a surprise birthday party for me on the day itself. Sadly, I was on MC and the surprise surprised them as I did not turn up at school on that day. They even asked their moms to prepare dishes like meehun goreng, and all other food. I showed up on the next day, and they only left with 2 cakes. Thank you loves :')

3. At school, we won the district title again for second year in a row for my netball team. And I never knew that was the final winning for me, together with my dato' team.

1. I applied for a transfer to Putrajaya and it was rejected. It was hurt at first as we were actually getting tired of traveling each weekend. It was fun, however, sometimes we felt we need more rest on weekends, not rushing to catch the flight back and forth. It was even hurt when 2 of my good friends at school application for transfer was approved. Well, I did recover within few days and life back to normal after that. 

2. Its the 13th General Election. Its kinda scarry so I waited till midnight to see the result on 

1. School holidays yayyy! So we took our first flight out of the country together to Seoul, Korea. It was fresh and luscious spring and the view of the gardens was amazingly breathtaking. We spent about 5 days in Korea and managed to meet my friend Yana, whose husband is working there, and Emi, my nephew, who is studying in Incheon.

1. Alhamdulillah it was fasting month, and still we made an effort to meet during the weekends, without fail. When we were a bit tired, we would remind ourselves that somewhere in the future, we would miss this moment. So for the time being, we had to enjoy and appreciate it.

2. Yus was successfully delivered a beautiful angel of Faiha Nurdini, which makes the 4th grandchild of Umi and Ambok. 3 days before that, Muhammad Zamir Imran, the bundle of joy of my cousin Izat and Nina, was delivered too. Welcome to the world, beautiful babies!

1. Our first raya together and we celebrated it in Kuala Lipis. As the relatives there live closer to each other, we only need day 1 of Hari Raya to complete all houses. We even went to our friends house on the second day. And on the third day, we drove early in the morning from Kuala Lipis to catch 10am flight to Johor Bahru to continue our raya celebration. It was an emotional raya though. Having spent raya for years outside the country was actually not a guarantee that you wont be having emotional breakdown for missing your family. But it was just for a few minutes. Blame the hormones I reckoned. Hehe

1. Our month. So yeah, happy 365th day, my man.

2. Our cousin, Lan was getting hitched to Nisa on our beautiful date, hence came the surprise planned by the bride and groom, right before the cutting cake ceremony of theirs. Thank you cousin. It was so sweet of you. Hahahah.

3. I was done with the application for transfer again, and have to wait for the result at the end of the year.

1. I was invigilating PMR for the first time. I never knew it was really tedious, and tiring too.

1. It was Zahdah's wedding on the long weekend of Deepavali holidays.

2. We have been waiting for this month like forever. Its the trip to Europe! On the 21st of November, we were on board to Paris via Abu Dhabi. I need a proper entry to write my 10 days trip to Europe, which I do not know when I will. Hahaha

1. On the 15th month of our marriage ( yup, we love 15 so much hahaha ) finally, my application for transfer has been approved. On top of that, we received the news right before we were playing with the snowflakes somewhere in Zuffennhausen, Germany. I would never forget that beautiful moment in my life. Ever.

2. Goodbye SMK Dato Penggawa Barat. Hello SMK Taman Melati! The bosses are all ladies and so far everything is great alhamdulillah. I will be teaching Form 2 and Form 4 English. 

3. Well, the transfer thing is not easy though. Post holiday blues made it even worse. The pressure while house hunting for the best one was also added to the frame. Alhamdulillah, Allah made it easy for us and finally, here I am, writing the entry, on our new couch, in our small little cute hut. 

After 15 months of living hundreds kilometres away, now we are living under the same roof. 
It won't be easy at first, I know that, but I believe, we will appreciate each other more as we have gone through so many things throughout the distance that separates us.
May Allah bless our home, our marriage, our family and friends, our life, here and hereafter, with rahmah wa mawaddah, insyaAllah.
Pray for us, people :)

October 9, 2013

PMR 2013

I had been in this Chinese High School for 5 days of examination and these were few things I have learnt through my observation.

1. They do no have any cleaners. Each morning before class, during recess, and after class, the representatives of class will bring down their dustbin to the dumping area. And the school compound is very clean too.

2. Since they do not have cleaners to swipe the corridor and stairs, someone has to do it. Yes. Every morning before the school starts,  I can see some of the students swipe along the corridor, as well as the stairs. I think this is the coolest thing ever. It is sad enough because while the students here manage their own litter, at our normal school, some inconsiderate parents are complaining during the Parents Teachers Meeting. They say, they do not send their children to pick rubbish. I was like whaaatttt! Something is wrong with the parents I would say. 

3. I think 99% of the students are taking bus to school. During peak hours, I could not see the normal traffic jam that I would see in every school. More than 50 buses will be lining up and unloading the students each morning on the school compound. Less traffic congestion, and of course towards greener environment. Sometimes, I feel like I am in a tourist attraction spot as there are so many yellow buses!

4. They use different kind of short music to replace the bell. The music is different for each session - the morning bell, the interclass bell, the recess bell and the end of the school bell. The music is quite nice and joyful, and I am sure students will open their eyes if they are sleepy in the middle of the class. Hahaha. The best music I would choose is the recess music. It is the one you hear when the Paddle Pop ice cream uncle comes to your neighbourhood. Yes, that cute and loud music. Isnt that cute enough?

I think I have more on the list, but I could not remember what. I love to see different practices of different school. Who knows I might use it later in the future. Like I have been always tell Noha, I want to have my own school, with my own practise of teaching, and of course not just focusing on academic, with my own selections of teachers. Hahaha. Dream big people, dream big!